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welcome to saltncinnamon microbakery

We are a women-owned artisan microbakery focusing on hand-shaped English Muffins, Sourdough Boules, and seasonal pastries.

Our English Muffins are light and airy with a toasty, griddled top and bottom. Whether you use a fork, knife or simply tear apart, you'll find the inside full of peaks and valleys. They are perfect slathered in softened butter and jam or a schmear of cream cheese. They shine in any version of Eggs Benedict and are a wonderful canvas for any sandwich toppings.

Our Sourdough Boules are slow fermented using just flour, water, wild yeast starter, and salt. This process creates more time for the bran of the grain to break down, making it highly digestible. The slow ferment is worth the wait! This gives our bread an incredible depth of flavor with a slight tang, shatteringly crisp crust, and a fluffy interior with just the right amount of chew.​

We are passionate about our products and providing our local community with the most nutritional and delicious small batch bakery items.

*We bake in a certified and licensed private kitchen. 

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